First Residents

Friederike Zeit, Born 1963 and she has since birthed amazing, intricate beautiful clay masterpieces that has won her so many awards and placements in noteworthy public collections. She lives and works in Deidesheim, Germany and Lunde, Norway.

“In my work I seek a spontaneous expression. Freezing the movement, continuously changing like a flowing river. I approach my work in an intuitive state of mind; my craft and life are the vehicles that carry me through. I start with an image in mind, and a vague idea of my destination. Through the process new questions arise that develop my sculptures into new fields of thoughts.”

1994 First Award Frechener Kulturstiftung
1995 2. Second Award” Kunst und Architecture” , Stadthaus Deidesheim
2002 First Award. Biennale international de la sculpture en Ceramique, Mamer, Luxemburg

in Public Collections :
Ceramion, Frechen
Städtisches Keramikmuseum Frechen
Ichon World Ceramic Center, Kyonggi Pronince, Korea
Mamer, Luxemburg
Lotte Reimers Stiftung, Deidesheim
DeForma-Stiftung, Pécs, Hungary
Panhellenic Association of ceramists, Amaroussion, Greece

About Inger Sodergren
born 1953
Ceramic artist, lives and works in Kisa, a small town in south part of Sweden, from where she creates this beautiful pieces whose energy never stops, she describes it as “combining the slow, controlled hand building and the rapid smoke-fire, where the fire leaves its traces, I load the objects with energy. I explore the contrasts between tranquillity and motion. Uncertainty and security, boredom and total chaos, and am searching for synthesis and concentration in the form. My own experiences and memories of people I have met are the main inspiration for my work.

Solo exhibitions, selected
2008  The Art Gallery, Hgans Museum
2006  Srmlands Museum Art Gallery, Nykping
2005  Sintra Gallery, Gteborg
2004  Quintessence Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria
2002  Bls&knda Gallery, Stockholm
1996  Lerverk Gallery, Gteborg
1996  Kaolin Gallery, Stockholm

group exhibitions, selected
2007  “Clay Without Borders” National Museum, Lagos, Nigeria
2006  “In From the Cold” Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, Wales
2005  “Mnstring III” Norrkping Art Museum
2004  “Keramiikka” Fiskars, Finland
2004  “Swedish handicraft” Doshin Gallery, Sapporo, Japan

2004Award of Merit, 1st European Ceramics Competition, Athens
2001, 2005 Diploma of Honor, World Ceramics Biennale Korea